You Can Now Get Paid To Drink Tea & Travel As A Job

You Can Now Get Paid To Drink Tea & Travel As A Job

Dream job alert! Enjoy a good brew? Reckon you could be a tea master? You could be tasting up to 300 different teas per day learning to become just that for Tetley. If you think that this new job is for you, then see if you have what it takes.

Tetley is one of the largest sellers of tea in the UK, and they’re looking for two new recruits for the new position of “Graduate Tea Buyers”. The successful applicants will travel the world to build relationships with suppliers, tea growers and will be expected to predict new trends in tea, according to Liverpool Echo.

Credit: Tetley

The role would require recruits to “learn the language of tea.” This dream job is one that you wouldn’t know even existed, but it does and you could be sipping your way to retirement – the only downside is that having a brew outside of work might feel like a bus man’s holiday.

As part of the role, the Tetley recruits will be expected to “learn the language of tea.”

Credit: Tetley

A spokesperson for Tetley said: “Tea tasting is a fine art, much like a wine sommelier, which takes years to master. You don’t need to have a refined palate when you’re starting out, this is developed through our training and mentoring programme”.

If you’re thinking this is a walk in the park, you need a degree in any discipline with a 2:2 minimum and strong planning, time management and organisational skills.

The pioneers of tea, who were established in 1837, said: “Tasting tea is a key part of the role so you need to have a clear passion for everything tea-related.”

If you think this role is for you then you best get applying as the applications closing date is the end of the week on the 5th December You can apply here.

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Feature Image Credit: Tetley

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