You Can Now Get Your Christmas Turkey Delivered By Tractor

You Can Now Get Your Christmas Turkey Delivered By Tractor
Can't get any more Yorkshire than that!

Nothing beats a traditional Christmas dinner crafted by a true Yorkshireman while he swags a pint in the kitchen listening to The Pogues – until now that is. Forget heading to the shop to fight for a turkey in the fresh meat aisle, because this Yorkshire farm is now delivering Christmas turkeys straight to your door in his tractor!

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Farm To Feast by Farmison & Co wants to remind people of where their meat really comes from, and showcase British farmers and their hard work at this special time of year.

Credit: Unsplash

This year, you’ll be able to get “a slice of the real farmyard direct to your front door”, with free range turkeys and grass-fed beef being delivered especially by Yorkshire Dales farmer Stuart in his tractor.

The offer is limited though, with only select lucky customers being in for the chance of the personal delivery, so get ordering quick! For the chance to have your turkey delivered straight to your door in Stuart’s tractor, simply select ‘tractor delivery’ at the checkout when shopping your turkey here.

[Featured image: Unsplash]

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