You Can Spot Holographic Mermaids In An Immersive Light And Sound Experience In Hull This Autumn

You Can Spot Holographic Mermaids In An Immersive Light And Sound Experience In Hull This Autumn

A new exciting project is coming to the city centre of Hull this Autumn 2021. Magical mermaids and other aquatic creatures are taking over after the Kraken was spotted in and around Hull’s centre this summer.

Credit: Photo © Andy Beecroft (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Floodlights is a brand new project that celebrates Hull’s inhabitant’s relationship with water. Brought to you in partnership with Living WIth Water, Yorkshire Water, and the University of Hull, projections, soundscapes and light installations will be popping up all over the centre in an immersive experience that is totally free.

Credit: Absolutely Cultured

From October 22nd to the 24th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the city centre will be brought to life with incredible moving animations. Fancy searching for mermaids in the waters below the Princes Quay? Well, they’ll be almost lifelike holograms swimming in the sea which will have you mesmerised.

Created by artists, Absolutely Cultured, Limbic Cinema, Vent Media and Hull-based Davy & Kristin McGuire, who have all drawn inspiration from the subject of “living with water”.

Topics covered will be water as material and in memory, impacts of water on pollution and climate change, and water in symbolism, myth and superstition.

On October 22nd, the Gipsyville area will be having a street parade in west Hull as a part of ideas in weekly creative sessions, supported by Hull Libraries and local artists Andy Pea and Hull Carnival Arts. Family and young people have been sharing their ideas on the topics for the upcoming parade.

Absolutely Cultured’s chief executive and artistic director Stephen Munn said: “Floodlights was originally planned for 2020, so it’s been incredibly exciting to be able to get back to preparing this with our partners and the artists involved.

“Artists have always used creativity to explore important themes and it’s a vital role of the arts to spark meaningful conversations in peoples’ lives. In this instance, considering how cities like Hull can increase resilience, awareness and be better prepared when living so close to water.”

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © Andy Beecroft (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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