The Most Photogenic Spots In Yorkshire, Perfect For Budding Photographers

Whether you’ve taken up photography as a hobby recently, or you’re a full-blown pro behind the lens – there’s no denying that Yorkshire has a whole host of Instagrammable destinations. From heritage buildings with bags of history, to natural beauty over on the Yorkshire Coast, check out our guide to the most photogenic places in Yorkshire.

1. Gibson Mill, Halifax

2. Bolton Abbey, Skipton

3. Flamborough Cliffs

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just one more from today

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4. Knaresborough Viaduct

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To filter or not to filter? A bit of a thinky post. To start, I don't filter my photographs. By filtering I a mean using an app or preset that alters the initial shot's colour scheme. I use filters for camera sometimes, and I edit photos as I see fit, usually trying to find the point of how I remember the scene being when I originally saw it. So they all look a bit different and if you think I have rose-coloured glasses, so be it. In the past, I used to use VSCO app, but it was more work to find the filter that suited than learning how to edit things in Lightroom. And I am lazy. I moved fully off filter apps in 2018. At the same time, I don't judge anyone who likes to use apps or presets for colour grading. I always think they see the world differently, which is fabulous, just to think how different we all are. . Then this happened – a person commented in @welcometoyorkshire complaining that my photograph is "filtered" and that the colour of the buildings is not right, and the shame on the community.😂 I haven't seen these kind of comments much on Instagram at all (Facebook is full of it) , to be honest, this is the first time. I regret to say I commented back saying I don't use filters. 🤣😭😂 . So for you personally – do you use an app, a filter, a preset, do you edit, do you like a certain look? . I think all is good and proper to use, btw ❤️ And this is from Sunday in Knaresborough

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5. The Black Mill, Beverley Westwood

6. Main Street, Haworth

7. 199 Steps, Whitby

8. Cliff Lift, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

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Beach days are the best days.

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9. Beach Huts at Whitby Beach

10. Wentworth, Rotherham

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