This Fun North Yorkshire Boat Trip Takes You To See The Dolphins Of The North Sea

This Fun North Yorkshire Boat Trip Takes You To See The Dolphins Of The North Sea

Who needs the Gulf of Mexico when you have the Yorkshire coast, eh? Often overlooked as a place where you can see stunning wildlife – particularly sea life – the Yorkshire coast is actually home to pods of beautiful mammals that are usually only associated with warmer climates: dolphins!

Found ambling around the North Sea, dolphins, porpoises, seals and whales can be found frolicking in the waters of Yorkshire’s bays, embracing the icy cold waters that surround our tiny island. Rather them than us, huh?

And taking visitors out to see such sights is Whitby Coastal Cruises – a company that just so happens to know all of the best sea life hotspots in North Yorkshire – allowing both Yorkshire folk and tourists alike to enjoy some of God’s Own Country’s rarest sights.

Cruising out from the Harbour to the wider bay, those on board can look out for sights of some incredible wildlife – with dolphins and porpoises, in particular, often rocking up to put on a bit of a show.

Operating throughout the summer months, before much of Yorkshire’s sea life swims South for warmer waters, guests can choose from an array of tours – taking place either under the bright Yorkshire sun, at sunset, or even at dusk, where guests can see the North Sea in a whole different way. Told you you didn’t need the Gulf of Mexico.

The perfect activity to enjoy during this summer’s warmer days, each tour offers something a little different – whether it’s the romance of the setting sun or the clear views during the daytime – with prices starting as little as £5 for a 20-minute tour.

If you fancy getting out on the water for a little bit longer, the cruise operator offers two-and-a-half hour cruises out to sea all September long, giving those on board the best possible chance of spotting beautiful sea life.

Dolphins and porpoises have been spotted more frequently in Yorkshire in recent years, with many sightings reported in Whitby, Bridlington, Scarborough and even up the river in Goole!

To find out more about the Whitby Coastal Cruises, head over to their website here.

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