Yorkshire Brewery Is Offering A 99-can Of Beer Delivered To Your Door

Lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions have been ongoing in some sort of other for nearly a year – but there is some light at the end of the tunnel as we head towards summer. There are less than 100 days until we see lockdown restrictions end and why not countdown with North Brewing Company and their 99 cans delivery deal ever.

99 cans delivery
Credit: North Brewing Company

The Yorkshire brewery announced their fantastic deal which means you can have a monster delivery of their Springwell Pils – which is brewed at their new brewery, for less than £2 per can. 

You can’t argue with those prices – the brewery will deliver 99 cans of beer to your house – which is the perfect way to countdown to the end of lockdown. The brewery released this new deal to celebrate the opening of their new Leeds Brewery.

99 cans delivery
Credit: North Brewing Company

If this has caught your eye, and you’re in the Leeds area, you can get yours for just £199, which works out less than £2 per can – what a bargain! It’s like the advent calendar of dreams and at the end of it – instead of a noisy Christmas with wrapping paper – you get… more beer.

Yep, pubs will be open and the sun will be shining – that’s a countdown we can get on board with a 99 cans delivery.

The new brewery’s manager, Sarah Hardy, said: “We’ve never seen anything this size sold in the UK before, so it could be the country’s biggest pack of beer.

99 cans delivery
Credit: Pixabay

“Whenever we open a new bar or venue, we have a big party but we’ve not been able to have anyone in the venue yet and we still wanted to do something to celebrate.”

“It had to be something fun and playful, so we came up with the idea of the 99 can boxes to launch the new Springwell beer, named after the brewery itself.”

“At first, we were wondering whether we could deliver them in a Covid-secure way but the length of the box actually measures your distance which is perfect.”

“Luckily they just fit in the brewery’s van and they need two people to lift each box because they’re hefty things.”

“It’s nice that people are able to get a pack and stock up their fridge with a really nice lager to enjoy, without having to pop in and out of the shops.”

The deal looks like it is currently sold out but keeping checking the site to see if it comes back!

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Feature Image Credit: North Brewing Co/ Pixabay