Johnny Depp Shocks Staff With Surprise Visit To Northern Antiques Shop

Johnny Depp Shocks Staff With Surprise Visit To Northern Antiques Shop

Not his first trip to the North of England in less than a year, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp headed to Lincolnshire to visit an antique centre last Friday.

Depp, visited York last year after his court case with Amber Heard to play a gig with the late Jeff Beck who died earlier this year.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor surprised staff at Hemswell Antique Centre, dropping in unannounced by helicopter to peruse the items on sale

Credit: Hemswell Antique Centres

The visit was kept a secret as he wanted to take a relaxed look at the shop’s guitars without being noticed by the public. He flew out at 9:30 pm and once there didn’t want to leave but had to due to flight times.

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He purchases many quirky items as well as pieces of furniture for his home in London, he also purchased some great guitars from the showroom’s huge collections.

Credit: Hemswell Antique Centres

The Mirror reported that Depp tested several different guitars during his visit – and was overheard discussing Jeff Beck, who he collaborated with for his album ‘18’, which was released last year.

The Lincolnshire showroom visit had been arranged by the store and Pinewood Studios, which have a working relationship with the film studio producing classic films such as Harry Potter and the James Bond franchise.

The antique centre is Europe’s largest and Depp arrived on Friday afternoon, at around 4:30 pm shopping throughout the venue’s four buildings.

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