This Yorkshire Beer Has Been Named As Best Pint In The World

This Yorkshire Beer Has Been Named As Best Pint In The World

Yorkshire, one of the best places for beer? Talk about stating the obvious! We jest. But, we agree that there are some bloody good ales in God’s Own Country to trial.

From new brewers brewing up their fruity IPAs, Pale Ales and more from Vocation, Northern Monk, North Brewing Co to the classic ales of Timothy Taylors Landlord, Black Sheep and more – Yorkshire has great ol’ beers on offer.

Yorkshire folk are proud of their local beers and will gladly tell you their favourite beer when asked, and we aren’t the only ones showing Yorkshire ale some praise. Dad bloggers Man Vs Baby author Matt Coyle has said one of the ‘best pints in the world’ is found in Yorkshire.

Coyne said: “I love Yorkshire beer. I can’t think of a better pint in the world than Bradfield Brewery and their Belgian Blue they do at Christmas and their Farmers Blonde.”

Adding: “I love the food in Yorkshire. I love the people in Yorkshire. There is nowhere quite like it.”

Based in Barnsley, the blogger might be biased, but we can’t help but agree. Bradfield’s Farmers Blonde is a great pint.

Found in the Peak District, Bradfield Brewery’s home is located on a busy working farm in the idyllic village of Bradfield. Their number one beer, Farmers Blonde is an award-winning tipple which has notes of summer fruits and citrus making it an easy-drinking ale.

Started back in 2005, they’re now a hugely successful outfit that brews over 100,000 pints of beer a week! That’ll take some supping.

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