The Cabin In The Woods Where You Can Bathe Outdoors Between The Trees

The Cabin In The Woods Where You Can Bathe Outdoors Between The Trees

If there’s one place we like to be the most, it’s at one with nature. Something that A Place In The Pines – a campsite found on the edge of the North York Moors – champions wholeheartedly.

Tucked away in a peaceful corner of the highly underrated national park, A Place In The Pines combines everything that owner Matt finds truly blissful – scouring the home of cabin perfection itself (Switzerland, that is) for the ultimate inspiration.

Credit: Canopy & Stars

There, he found hot baths, homemade sloe gin and a whole lotta peace and quiet – just some of the elements you can expect at A Place In The Pines.

The stunning wood cabin, which is situated beyond the trees, offers up the most tranquil retreat, not only encouraging guests to escape the modern world for a while, but also giving them the opportunity to truly connect with the land around them – even allowing guests to gather their own breakfast eggs from the hens in the morning.

Credit: Canopy & Stars

Boasting Scandi interiors that complement the forest that surrounds, the cabin is home to all the creature comforts you’d expect from a weekend away, including a cosy Queen-sized bed, a huge walk-in shower, a kitchen and, of course, a wood burner for those chillier nights.

But the real pull of the stay is the gorgeous outdoor tubs – which are perfectly placed as a duo overlooking the encircling trees. Sitting on their own private deck, the tubs provide a peaceful place for couples to relax together, sloe gin in hand – of course, while taking in North York Moors and the sweet, sweet sounds of nature.

Credit: Canopy & Stars

Once you’ve soaked up the Yorkshire air, guests can retreat to the terrace for a proper Yorkshire BBQ, or head to the pub just a 10-minute walk down the road. Because after all, it’s not a weekend away without a pint in a proper country pub.

Head over to the booking site to book your stay or find out more.

[Featured image: Canopy & Stars]

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