AA Say They Don’t Prioritise Rescuing Lone Women Over Men ‘Because That’s Equality’

AA Say They Don’t Prioritise Rescuing Lone Women Over Men ‘Because That’s Equality’

After breaking down at night, a woman on her own was told by The AA that she couldn’t be prioritised over a man given the reason that “that’s equality”.

On the 20th January, a woman tweeted The AA social media to inform them that she was told by a call handler that she had to wait ‘alone in the dark for 90 minutes or more’.

The woman wrote on Twitter saying: “hi @TheAA_UK I am a lone woman whose car has broken down at night in the dark. Your call handler has told me you treat lone women and lone men as exactly the same priority in such circumstances because ‘that’s equality’.”

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She added: “I am pretty sure that is not equality. 

“I will now wait alone in the dark for 90 minutes or more, something which as a lone woman nowhere near home is far more anxiety-provoking than it would be for a man, if you follow the news.

“I think your policies need a revamp.”

The AA replied to the tweet saying: “Hi (name of woman), you’ve been advised correctly.

“We don’t prioritise based on gender, we do consider the location so as an example we would prioritise someone on a motorway over someone in a supermarket carpark.”

This caused quite the stir on social media with some people unhappy with their handling of the situation.

The AA has since apologised for the wording of their response. According to Metro, a spokesperson said: “We accept that the wording of our initial response wasn’t great and have apologised. 

“In fact, we prioritise anyone at risk but more often than not it will be lone women.

“In breakdowns involving lone women where there is any concern raised by the customer they receive the highest level of care and priority.”

AA president, Edmund King OBE also tweeted: “Please rest assured we give priority to anyone at risk.”

He added: “‘It is illegal for anyone providing goods, facilities or services in the UK to discriminate because you are a man or woman’.

“But rest assured we use common sense to provide priority to those at risk and more often than not it will be a lone woman.

“We are here to help you.”

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