Actor Who Plays Ryan Explains Real Reason For Huge Time Gap In ‘Happy Valley’

Actor Who Plays Ryan Explains Real Reason For Huge Time Gap In ‘Happy Valley’

It’s safe to say that the Halifax-based show Happy Valley was the most anticipated show of 2023 and after three episodes it has not disappointed.

But, the actor who plays Ryan struggles to watch the first two series of the critically acclaimed BBC drama.

Rhys Connah featured on the BBC Sounds podcast ‘Obsessed with… Happy Valley’ with hosts Isy Suttie and Amy Gledhill to discuss his role in the latest series.

The podcast takes a deep dive into the BBC Drama series Happy Valley. And, after an intense third series with people applauding Sarah Lancashire’s performance as Sergeant Catherine Cawood they get Rhys Connah’s views on this series.

Whilst on the show Rhys, who plays Ryan Cawood discussed how even though he disagreed with Ryan’s “point of view” about visiting his character’s dad, who he describes as a”mad psychopath” in prison.

He said: “I had to convince myself why it would be believable” with reasons such as he’s my dad”

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How old is Happy Valley’s Rhys Connah?

But, that wasn’t the only thing Rhys struggled with in preparation for the series. The 16-year-old was only 8 years old when the show aired in 2014 rewatched the first two series in preparation for the new series and admitted he struggled to watch himself.

Rhys also hints that writer Sally Wainright planned the gap real reason why there was such a long gap between the “The reason they may have waited so long is because Sally had always had an idea for a third season.

“But, I think it was always a plan to have three seasons. The stuff she wanted in this season would make more sense when I’m a bit older”.

“It wouldn’t have made sense if I was 12 or 13 doing that. It enables Ryan to have more of a grown-up conversation” with Catherine which we saw in last night’s episode.

Discussing how he struggled to rewatch the show he said: “I couldn’t stand the sight of myself… When I watched it when I was younger I was like ‘aww look it’s me it’s me’, but now watching it now

“I’m just some annoying little guy who does everything wrong. Messes it all up. And my squeaky voice. I’m Just watching it like ‘was I always that annoying?’

Watch video on Tommy and Catherine’s relationship below:

Listen to the BBC Sound podcast ‘Obsessed with… Happy Valley’ here.

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