After Eight Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They’re Perfect For New Year’s

After Eight Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They’re Perfect For New Year’s

New Year’s Eve this year is going to be a little different, with all of Yorkshire in Tier 3 – most of us will be spending it at home. Being at home doesn’t mean we can’t ring in what will hopefully be be a better year, 2021. And, what better way to ring in the new year with some festive drinks. Everyone loves a cocktail, and everyone loves an After Eight mint. The posh mints are usually brought out at Christmas, and I can’t be the only one that tends to eat 5 at a time. Well this year why not try this brilliant After Eight Cocktail.

The cocktail was created by the brilliant Instagram page Quarantini Bar, that started in lockdown and helped us have a little fun around the house over summer. Well, the amazing page has kept creating special tipples throughout the year and this festive drink is perfect for a New Year’s celebration.

Posting on their Instagram the page said that this cocktail is “Perfect for all of the leftover chocolate in the cupboards after Christmas🤩”.

Check out the recipe below!


50ml Creme de menthe
50ml Rum Chata
20ml sugar syrup
100ml coconut milk
Melted dark chocolate
After Eight chocolates


  • First melt your dark chocolate in microwave or on a hob.
  • Then once melted, dip your glasses upside down and cover the rim of the glass evenly in dark chocolate.
  • Next, with a spoon, swirl some of the melted dark chocolate inside of the glass.
  • Next, place your after eight chocolates on top and the melted chocolate will work as glue and hold them in place.
  • In a cocktail shaker add the Creme de menthe, rum chata, coconut milk, and sugar syrup and shake well with ice.
  • Pour out using a strainer and enjoy.

There you have it, enjoy a beautiful festive cocktail this New Year all thanks to the amazing Quarantini Bar, give them a follow and check out all their cool cocktails they have to offer.

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Feature image credit: Quarantini Bar

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