Ferrero Rocher Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They’re Perfect For Christmas

Ferrero Rocher Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They’re Perfect For Christmas

It’s CHRISTMAAAAS – and since we can’t go to the bar and enjoy all the fancy drinks with straws in that we like, it’s time to get creative and enjoy this time at home til they reopen tomorrow. In the last lockdown, the Instagram account ‘Quarantini Bar’ went viral with its creations, and they’ve stepped up their game with this festive treat with their Ferrero Rocher cocktail, White Russian.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a box of Ferrero Rocher, nans all over the country see them as those fancy chocs up there with the other posh’uns, After Eights. Taking to Instagram, they wrote, “Calling all Ferrero rocher fans🤩 The Christmas themed cocktails begin…”

The recipe below is for two cocktails!


100ml Cold brew Espresso shot
1 x Shot of vodka
1 x Shot hazelnut syrup
200ml of double cream
1/2 Ferrero Rocher
Edible Gold (optional)


  • Brew your fresh coffee
  • Pour over ice to creat cold brew coffee
  • For the bottom layer add: the cold brew coffee, vodka, creme de cocoa, hazelnut syrup to two short glasses
  • For the top layer fill: glasses with ice to the top, then pour in 100ml of double cream in each glass
  • For the Ferrero Rocher: Cut in half & wrap edible around each 1/2 Ferrero Rocher and add carefully to the top.

If you want to get festive this weekend, we think these are the perfect indulgence. Get the Christmas tree out of the attic, get the hubby down to Tesco and get a little fancy with a Ferrero Rocher cocktail this weekend. Plus, there will be plenty of chocs left to scoff afterwards.

Feature Image: Quarantini Bar/ Pixabay

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