Harrogate Hotel Has Turned Its Car Park Into A Bespoke Dales-Inspired Beer Garden

Pubs, restaurants and cafes have been getting creative as they prepared to reopen their outdoor spaces as of today. The Yorkshire Hotel, located in the heart of historic Harrogate, has gone above and beyond in its efforts for an outdoor space. The Yorkshire Hotel Beer Garden is their newly transformed car park that pays homage to the Yorkshire Dales.

Credit: The Yorkshire Hotel

The Yorkshire Dales inspired outdoor dining space includes lorry loads of soil, new turf and a drystone wall and plenty of trees in a bid to create the rolling hills of the countryside. They’ve even installed a and shrubs and a miniature train.

The Yorkshire Hotel Beer Garden
Credit: BBC

The show garden called Ales in The Dales was a real community effort with businesses lending plants and furniture to the cause, all in the aid of fun. Nick Fryer, who usually designs for the Chelsea Flower Show, has done this for fun.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: “I’ve loved this. I’ve absolutely loved this. It’s just what we needed. I think that everyone has – that’s got involved from start to finish. It’s been great fun. And seeing the response from the public, really, really good.”

The Yorkshire Hotel Beer Garden
Credit: BBC

The Yorkshire Hotel Beer Garden can seat 120 people and looks forward to seeing friends and family enjoy drinks and the scenery in the open air after what has been a hard winter in lockdown.

Simon Cotton, the Managing Director of the HRH Group, has said: “It’s a pastiche to the Yorkshire Dales to add a little bit of fun, to bring a smile to people’s faces walking past. And we want people to come down, have a drink and enjoy the outdoor hospitality, but why not do it in a really fun and enjoyable setting?”

The gardens will be in use for the next 5 weeks until the Hotel is allowed to once again take bookings. We’ve loved seeing these places get creative with outdoor spaces, and we can’t wait to visit! After a year of lockdown, it feels like Yorkshire is slowly opening up again.

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