This Yorkshire City Has Been Named In The Top 3 Cheapest Cities For A Pint In The UK

This Yorkshire City Has Been Named In The Top 3 Cheapest Cities For A Pint In The UK

We’ve all been down to London and nearly keeled over at the prices down there, so Yorkshire being named as a cheap place for a pint is no surprise as us Yorkshire folk have our priorities sorted.

We say keep up north then you’ll never need to wince at the price of a pint unless you go to one of those posh places where the price of a Tim Taylors goes up for the sake of a nicer chair to sit in.

A survey commissioned by Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) found that 52% of people noticed the price of a pint was becoming unaffordable, which is a 10% fise on a 2019 survey which found 42% of people did.

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The average pint for pub-goers is now £3 a pint across the UK, while down in the big smoke London, you’ll struggle to find a pint for less than a fiver.

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Finder, a comparison site, is helping you to avoid such prices by finding the cheapest pint in the UK – and the city Kingston upon Hull came in third place with pint prices at £3.32 with Derby and Inverness still sitting at a reasonable £3 in first and second place.

The survey combined data from the crowdsourced price database Numbeo and the cost-of-living calculator Expatistan to find the average price.

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The West Yorkshire cosmopolitan city of Leeds manages to get into the top 15 in 14th place with the average price of a pint being £3.79 a whole 57p more than Hull.

Here are the top 20 cities for a cheap pint, according to Finder:

  1. Derby – £3.00
  2. Inverness – £3.00
  3. Kingston upon Hull – £3.32
  4. Perth – £3.46
  5. Gloucester – £3.50
  6. Peterborough – £3.50
  7. Leicester – £3.63
  8. Swansea – £3.65
  9. Aberdeen – £3.67
  10. Preston – £3.69
  11. Aberystwyth – £3.70
  12. Northampton – £3.74
  13. Coventry – £3.78
  14. Leeds – £3.79
  15. Plymouth – £3.84
  16. Newcastle – £3.88
  17. Southend – £3.91
  18. Reading – £3.99
  19. Exeter – £4.00
  20. Ipswich – £4.00

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