Solero Pornstar Martini Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They Look Amazing

Solero Pornstar Martini Cocktails Are Now A Thing – And They Look Amazing

Spring is almost here, it’s the weekend and pubs will soon be open. That sounds like the perfect reason to celebreate with a cheeky cocktail this weekend to us. And, we have a grand little cocktail for you guys curtosey of TikToker @evanmcintosh that posted this brilliant crazy Solero Slushie cocktails, which look very remniscent to a good ol’ pornstar martini.

The cocktail features vodka, Malibu passion fruit flavour and Rubicon giving us the summer flavours that will make you feel like you’re chilling in a good ol’ beer garden with all your bals. Although, we aren’t quite at the end of lockdown yet, why not have a go at this recipe tonight and make the weekend a little bit special with this funk and fruity little number.

It’s taken us back to our childhood with the good old Solero ice cream as well as taking us abck to Rev’s with those pornstar vibes.


Solero cocktails 🤩 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ ultimate vibes – morgan hardy//

Here’s how to make this cheeky Solero Slushy Cocktail.


· Solero Ice Lolly
· Handful of Frozen Mango Chunks
· 50ml x2 of Vodka
· 50ml x2 of Malibu
· Generous amount of Rubicon
· 2 Handfuls of Ice
· Passionfruits


  1. Chuck one or two handfuls of ice into a blender. 
  2. Chop up and add in your Solero ice lolly
  3. Add your frozen Mango chunks
  4. Add the shots of vodka and Malibu
  5. Pour in a generous amount of Rubicon
  6. Blend until smooth
  7. Pour into Martini glasses and serve with half a passionfruit

Easy, huh? We must admit, we’ve been a little addicted to these since the video went viral!

Quarantini Bar an Instagram page that went viral during the pandemic has thrown its hat into the ring with its version of the Solero cocktail making a Frozen Solero Pornstar Martini. We’ve included the video below and written out the recipe so you can have a go at this cocktail as well.

How To Make Solero Slushie Cocktails Guide Below:


· Handful of ice cubes
· Juice from 1 lime
· 25ml of Vodka
· 25ml of Passoa
· 150ml of Rubicon
· 21 Solero
· Passionfruits


  1. Fill up the blender with ice 
  2. Add 25ml of vodka
  3. Add 25ml of Passoa
  4. Add 25ml of sugar syrup
  5. Pour in 150ml Rubicon
  6. Juice from 1 lime
  7. Add Solero
  8. Blend until a thick consistency
  9. Spoon into Martini glasses and serve with another Solero and shot of prosecco

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Credit: Quarantini Bar

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