Aldi Has Launched A New Biscuit-Flavoured Tea Similar To Popular Yorkshire Brew

Aldi Has Launched A New Biscuit-Flavoured Tea Similar To Popular Yorkshire Brew

Aldi has launched a new biscuit-flavoured tea range that looks strangely familiar to a well-known tea brand, which is sure to cause a stir (pardon the pun).

Us Yorkshire folk love a brew – and if we had to choose one, most would choose Yorkshire Tea. And, if you’ve tried their biscuit brew you’ll know why Aldi’s new product is sure to be popular.

The bargain supermarket is renowned for its copycat products whether it’s the copy of the popular M&S Colin the Caterpillar, Dominoes pizza copy along with a range of beers, and more.

Credit: ALDI

Along with the new standard biscuit flavour, Aldi has launched two others which are a Salted Caramel and a Jaffa flavour. The Jaffa is just like biting into an orange Jaffa Cake apparently.

The new flavours are set to be in stores from the 15th of May and are at the bargain price of £1.49 for 40 bags. The biscuit flavour tea bag will be almost 50% cheaper than the Yorkshire tea Malty Biscuit Brew.

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The new tea range can be enjoyed on its own or with the addition of milk – and is sure to add something a little bit different to your morning brew,

One of our favourite of unique brew offerings isn’t Aldi’s new range which we are sure is lovely, but Yorkshire Tea’s Toast & Jam. If you have not tried it, add it to your shopping list for your next big shop as you’re sure to love it we promise.

Credit: Yorkshire Tea

Kate Halloran, Tea Innovation Manager at Yorkshire Tea said, “Toast and Jam is a lip-smacking smattering of toasty, jammy loveliness. Perfect for mornings, it is a strong breakfast blend with all of the loveliness of jam on toast without the crumbs!”

“We wanted to create a tea that will send people into their day with a spring in their step and a smile in their soul. This new brew has been a long time in the making and I absolutely can’t wait for everyone to try it.”

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Feature Image Credit: ALDI