A Diner With Rude Staff & Terrible Service Is Coming To Hull For One Weekend

A Diner With Rude Staff & Terrible Service Is Coming To Hull For One Weekend

If you’ve not heard of Karen’s Diner yet, then listen up! We all know there is nothing worst than bad service in a restaurant, but what about if you got to let the waiters not what you think of them? Well, you can at this one-off event coming to Hull this summer.

Karen’s Diners have sprung up all over the UK and encourage customers to be rude to the staff, but watch out as the staff doesn’t take any s*** and give as good as they get.

At Karen’s Diner coming to Leeds they pair amazing food with terrible, almost laughable service, to which you can let them have it from their crap service.

Credit: Karen’s Diner

The UK’s first-ever Karen’s Diner opened up in Sheffield already and was met with high praise with everyone loving the banter.

And now the infamous restaurant chain Karen’s Diner is coming to Hull as part of a nationwide tour. You may have already visited the Sheffield branch, but if not you can head over to the event in Hull that is taking place this June.

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Popping up in the famous Kicks Bar and Grill, which is known for its bottomless crisp parties, the event is set to take place from June 23rd to June 25th – for one weekend only.

The event is a bottomless booze party where you’ll be able to get drunk and hurl abuse – sounds good to us. You will also be fed a main meal and dessert.

The free-flowing booze event will set you back £39.99 for 90 minutes of bottomless fun where you can expect lewd and offensive remarks from the off.

Just to be clear it is a performance so there are some rules such as you’re not allowed to make sexist, racist, or homophobic remarks.

If you’re looking for terrible service, but a five-star event this event will be one for you with the popular Hull cocktail bar Kicks still serving their amazing food and cocktails.

Head over to the Kicks Bar and Grill website to book tickets and check out more of their upcoming events.

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Feature Image Credit: Karen’s Diner

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