People Have Been Putting Love Locks On This New Hull Bridge

People Have Been Putting Love Locks On This New Hull Bridge

Who knew Hull was the new Paris, eh? Well, turns out people really do think it’s the city of love, with Highways England having to speak out after couples were found to be putting love locks on Hull’s new Murdoch’s Connection Bridge.

I mean, we totally get it. There’s nothing more romantic than a stroll around Prinny Quay, before walking hand in hand with a good old kebab. I too, would want to mark the moment with some significance.

New footbridge, Hull Marina
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Paul Harrop –

Opening just last month, padlocks have already appeared on the bridge, with Highways England intervening with a statement which reads: “While we are delighted that people are enjoying Murdoch’s Connection, we would discourage people from attaching padlocks to the bridge because in the long term it could damage the structure, which would spoil the experience.

“It’s great that people are choosing Hull as a place to declare their love, and perhaps there are other ways to demonstrate it.

“Selfies have become popular since the bridge opened, and would be the ideal gesture to mark a loving moment.”

Rather selfies than any weird public displays of affection, I suppose.

The bridge – which it seems is so liked it’s been attracting lovebirds from all over Hull – is part of a wider project across the city to build Hull’s skyline.

[Featured image: New footbridge, Hull Marina
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Paul Harrop –]

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