This Carvery Is Serving Huge Mint Aero Yorkshire Pudding Sundaes For Dessert

This Carvery Is Serving Huge Mint Aero Yorkshire Pudding Sundaes For Dessert

Some say that Yorkshire puddings for dessert are sacrilege, but not us. We’d scarf ten of those bad boys down right now and still have room for more.

Puds mixture is similar to a pancake batter so the alternative Yorkshire pud recipe ain’t so weird. Toby Carvery is serving limited-edition Yorkshire puddings filled with ice cream, chocolate sauce and mint Aero bubbles.

Toby Carvery Ice Cream
Credit: Photo © David Dixon (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The Yorkshire pudding dessert was launched to raise money for the NSPCC but is not a permanent fixture on the menu due to its popularity.

It’s described on the menu as ‘Ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce and Aero Bubbles stacked high in our homemade Yorkshire puddings’.

Toby Carvery celebrated the addition of Yorkshire puds to the dessert menu said: “With our Yorkies being a family favourite, we couldn’t wait to add it to our menu.”

Whilst we love the new chocolatey dessert, others aren’t as quick to celebrate with one person writing on NewFoodsUK Insta “That is a hate crime!” with another agreeing by saying: “I love a Yorkshire pudding but er no”

Whilst another user loved them writing: “My grandads been doing stuff like this since I was a kid, yorkies are just baked pancakes”.

This isn’t the first time that we have seen Yorkshire’s being used as desserts. Check out this video of Yorkshire pudding profiteroles below:

Find your nearest Toby Carvery here.

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