Aldi Is Releasing Smoker BBQs For Under £60

Aldi Is Releasing Smoker BBQs For Under £60
Just in time for bank holiday weekend!

Aldi is fast becoming the nation’s go-to for summer treats. It seems to know what we want before we know ourselves. Lockdown is becoming tedious and it is tempting, as some people have already, to head outside. But, we urge you to stick to the guidelines and Aldi are helping you do so with all the garden nick-nacks you desire.

Credit: Aldi

Next up on their list of things we didn’t know we needed is their smoker BBQs. They feature two grills, one for your traditional burnt sausages BBQ approach and a smoker side chamber that allows for American style grilling. The smoker helps head smoky goodness to those chargrilled veggies and succulent meats. It’s essential for all Dads across Yorkshire. Especially with two bank holidays this month.

Packed with gadgets like a thermometer for temp control, removable fat catcher and shelves for storage, it is the batman utility belt of BBQs. Coming in under £60 at £59.99, this sleek, back BBQ is an absolute steal.

It will be available to buy in stores and online from Sunday 3rd May, so keep your eyes peeled as they are sure to sell out fast.