‘All Creature’s Great and Small’ Rachel Shenton Names Her Most ‘Challenging’ Co-Star

‘All Creature’s Great and Small’ Rachel Shenton Names Her Most ‘Challenging’ Co-Star

As we all wait for series three of All Creatures Great and Small, there have been plenty of behind the scenes pictures and videos of filming from the village of Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales – and it’s been getting us extra excited.

The newest series is set to take to our screens this autumn and will be set in 1939 as the beginning of the war unfolds. We’ll get to see how the Skeldale gang manage to deal with the news of war and what that may do to relationships in the group.

Credit: Channel 5

We’ve enjoyed watching James Herriott and Helen Alderson’s relationship flourish over the last few series, but who is it that Rachel has found the most difficult over the last two series. And, the answer it seems is not what one might think.

Rachel Shenton, who plays Helen Alderson, has been opening up about filming and her time on the series and discussed one of the most difficult scenes to film on Masterpiece PBS Instagram stories.

Rachel talked about Clive the bull and said the scene was not as easy to film as people may have thought. Discussing the scene she said: “I remember in episode three or four where James and Helen are in the field with Clive the bull.

“I just remember it being logistically difficult because it was raining so much and it was freezing and we were all stood down because of the rain.

Credit: Channel 5

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“Every time it sort of eased off a little bit we would rush in and try and get the scene done so that one because of the weather.

In another interview with PBS Masterpiece, Rachel discussed the two characters’ connection and stated that she had no idea how their romance would pan out.

She explained: “It was great. We didn’t know how it was going to play out or work because the last time we saw Helen was at the wedding that never was and there was so much unspoken between the two of them but nothing happened.”

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