Filming Has Begun On Channel 5’s ‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Season 3

Filming Has Begun On Channel 5’s ‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Season 3

Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small Season 3 filming has begun on the hit series, which will once again be based on James Herriot’s real-life memoirs.. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we can enjoy more hilarious antics from the Darrowby Veterinarians in the Yorkshire Dales.

Rachel Shenton, who plays Jame’s fiance Helen, posted to her Instagram an image of a clapper, which reads slate 1, take 1 of All Creatures Great and Small with the caption: “Back at it…. Series 3”. The gang will be in the Yorkshire Dales at the town of Grassington, which plays host to the fictional village of Darrowby.

Showrunner Ben Vanstone confirmed that “there’s plenty more to come.” and when asked about All Creatures Great And Small season 3 said: “Yes, I think we are looking forward to a third series. I don’t think that’s a surprise”, as seen in the Radio Times.

Vanstone had originally planned for a four-season show but now believes that the adaptation has more legs in it, which is by no small part due to the slow pace that fans love.

He said: “I think that when we started the show, we had in mind arcs for these characters that took them across a number of series.”

All Creatures Great And Small Series 3

 “Initially, it was kind of four series. But everything in this show plays out slower than you think it would. I think in other shows, you sort of risk the need to have more stories and more action and more things happening, but with our show, it’s the antithesis of that. We kind of give everything time.”

We are so excited for the new season, and we expect that we’ll hear wedding bells and James has to be walking Helen down the aisle in the new series.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Times, Callum Woodhouse, who plays Tristan said the wedding would take place in the All Creatures Great And Small season 3.

All Creatures Great And Small Series 3

Series 2 of All Creatures Great and Small premiered in the UK last month, as has developed various relationships since the Christmas special. Herriot has a decision to be made with regards to staying at the practice in Yorkshire or moving back to Scotland for the job opportunity nearer his parents. 

What could possibly make him stay? Love, maybe?

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