Amanda Owen Shares Incredible Video Of ‘Intelligent, Intuitive & Devoted’ Sheepdog Following Its Passing

Amanda Owen Shares Incredible Video Of ‘Intelligent, Intuitive & Devoted’ Sheepdog Following Its Passing

The Yorkshire Shepherdess posted a touching message on the passing of her “loyal colleague” yesterday on social media. She revealed the demise of her sheepdog Kate to her 500,000 Twitter followers, sharing her sorrow with them.

Amanda Owen posted on her Instagram, “A long distance video that might go some way in demonstrating how intelligent, intuitive & devoted to her work Kate was.

“In the first video she is running alone, maybe a mile or so away but I know, that she absolutely knows what the task is.
The last video was only a week ago when she was showing Nelly the young sheepdog how to ignore the distraction of chattering children.

The videos are very, very impressive. Kate the sheepdog can be seen miles away herding sheep over the Yorkshire Dales landscape showing incredible skill.

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Fans were equally impressed one writing: “She did what she loved right to the end, you gave her a perfect life.”

Another wrote: “That last poignant sentence “that’ll do Kate, lie down”. What a fitting tribute. Incredible are our working dogs doing what they love. Very sorry for your loss both for the family, you and the farm.”

The Yorkshire Shepherdess posted about the passing of her loyal workmate earlier this week with her followers showcasing their sympathy and sharing their own stories of lost pets.

The post has name received over 65k likes and 6k comments from people offering their sympathies to Amanda Owen and the family for the passing of an incredible sheepdog kate.

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