Ambrosia Has Launched A Limited-Edition Chocolate Orange Custard

Ambrosia Has Launched A Limited-Edition Chocolate Orange Custard

Orange chocolate was the biggest craze over Christmas, and it seems that it shows no signs of stopping as it begins its take over of Easter. Not that we are complaining. Ambrosia has created a UK first with their new custard that mixes the creamy taste of their amazing custard with the moreish taste of chocolate and orange.

Credit: Ambrosia

We don’t know about you, but we think their new orange chocolate custard over a steamed pud sounds like heaven. So, we can’t wait for their indulgent new custard to hit the shelves so we can stuff our faces with deserts – who needs a beach bod this yeat anyway.

Easter is a time for enjoying all that is chocolatey, so Ambrosia has picked a great time to release their new custard. It will hit the shelves of Tesco on the 17th of March, so make sure you keep an eye out for their cheeky treat we are sure you won’t be disappointed. It’s only £1.19, so you won’t be breaking the bank.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is one of our favourite treats and is the OG of the chocolate game. We’d happily pour custared over one of those bad boys this Easter, so chocolate orange custard will defintely be on our shopping list. There is no word yet on how long it will be around for so make sure you get yours.

Speaking of orange chocolate, Cadbury made their greatest decision to date when they decided to make the Orange Twirl a permanent member of their list of tasty treats. It was previously only available for limited times in the year – but after people went crazy for them, Cadbury had no choice.

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