Argos Has Released A £40 Barbecue Pizza Oven – Just In Time For Summer

Aldi’s pizza oven, which everyone is going crazy for this summer, may currently be out of stock, but you can get this great pizza oven at Argos for just £40 – bargain.

Credit: Argos

If you’ve ever fancied restaurant-quality pizza in your own back garden, then this pizza oven at Argos is the one for you. With the current situation with COVID at the minute, our back gardens need to be top tier this year.

Credit: Argos

When has Argos ever let you down? It seems it has its customers needs met this summer with this spectacular pizza oven which is so simple to use. If you’re thinking of having friends in your garden this summer, there is no better way to impress them with some home-cooked pizza to go with a few cold beers.

Credit: Argos

This authentic BBQ Topper Pizza Oven will have you creating authentic, stone cooked pizza at home! It retains the heat from the BBQ to cook your pizza in just minutes. You’ll feel like your back garden has been transformed into Italy.

Credit; Unsplash

It comes with a thermometer so you can keep an eye on the heat, and when the pizza is ready, it comes with a pizza paddle to lift the pizza out the oven – perfecto! All that’s left to do is choose what toppings you’d like? Cheese, ham, mushroom, or… pineapple, anyone?

If you’d like to get yours click here.

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