Asda Is Selling Huge Pig In Blanket That’s Sure To Make Your Christmas 2021

Asda Is Selling Huge Pig In Blanket That’s Sure To Make Your Christmas 2021

Halloween is nearly out the way, which means the festive season is almost upon us, and Asda has read the room and figured out what everyone needs. One huge massive pig in blanket, for one massive mess of a year! 

Bravo Asda, this is one deal we can get behind. Posted in the Money Saver Bargain Hunters group on Facebook with the caption: “GIANT Pig In Blanket new BACK at ASDA”

Last year, we got wind of this most amazing Christmas addition when it was posted by food channel NewFoodsUK. The huge slab of meaty festive meaty goodness is one thing we can get behind. If it tastes as good as it looks this Christmas is off to a good start. It looks like it could be the star attraction to most families Christmas dinner this year.

The huge Yule time log of a sausage comes pre-wrapped, like the present we didn’t know we wanted, in bacon. So, all you need to do is whack it in the oven and wait to enjoy. Share with family, or give yourself a little food challenge by taking on this massive piece of meat in one sitting.

The giant pig in blanket last year | Credit: Asda

The huge pig in blanket is online or in-store for just £5, which is an absolute bargain for 650g. We will definitely be getting one of these as soon as possible.

Other shops are starting to ramp up the Christmas promotions for 2021. One of our favourites is the advent calendar made for dads by ale company BrewDog. You can enjoy a cheeky can of beer every day while the kids enjoy their choccies (maybe wait until the evenings).

Visit the Asda website here.

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