Asda To Start Selling Second-Hand Clothing In 50 Stores

Asda To Start Selling Second-Hand Clothing In 50 Stores

Supermarket chain Asda has announced they will be selling second-hand clothing in stores across the UK. The news comes after a successful trial at one of their Leeds stores.

Due to the success of the initiative, it will be now be rolled out more widely across the country. The project is with specialist wholesaler Preloved Vintage Kilo and is being launched with Asda clothing brand George with the aim of giving a ‘new lease of life’ to worn clothes, as well as preventing tonnes of garments from going to landfill. The launch is under the Preloved Vintage Wholesale brand.

According to the managing director of Preloved Vintage over 800 tonnes of clothing has been saved by the company so far. He said that: “In a world where we are becoming more environmentally conscious this partnership will help bring sustainable fashion to the mainstream which is something as a business we strive for in everything we do.

“The more people that buy into the circular economy and shop vintage & retro the bigger impact we will have on climate change.”

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