This Yorkshireman Cooked Breakfast On A Fridge Outside During The Heatwave

This Yorkshireman Cooked Breakfast On A Fridge Outside During The Heatwave

We’ve just about started to recover after two sleepless nights due to the recent heatwave from the start of the week, but are still loving the hilarious video that came from it, one of which was a guy’s ingenious way of staying cool whilst working from home.

Another video which exploded on TikTok was made by Pontefract lad Dan, who managed to cook a fry-up outside due to the intense heat.

Posting to TikTok the caption read: “cooking breakfast on a fridge outside in the English sun.” and cook it did. You can’t help but be amazed as the beans, bacon and eggs on top of the fridge that is being cooked by the sun.

The video has had over 5 million views and 500k likes, and over 2,000 comments from people amazed at just how well the breakfast was cooked.

If that wasn’t enough the next day when temperatures reached even higher he attempted to cook a steak burger.

People were amazed at the results with one person writing: “no way it’s actually cooking omds”

Whilst others weren’t convinced: “everybody it’s not cooking obviously burgers don’t cook at 38 degrees”.

We’ll let you decide. Either way, it was bloody hot and we are enjoying a bit of a breeze and some cloud cover today!

Although it might not be for too long as weather reporters have said there may be more heatwaves to come this August.

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