A Yorkshire Pudding Restaurant Actually Exists & We Want It In Yorkshire

Yorkshire Puddings. They’re the holy grail of British cuisine. The part of our week that never lets us down. Our comfort blanket when it’s raining outside. Basically, our one true love. And serving them the honour they deserve is Porky Pig Manchester.

A restaurant that goes straight for every Northerner’s heart, Porky Pig might be in Manchester, but it truly belongs in Yorkshire.

Credit: Porky Pig

Making a name for themselves with their tasty Yorkshire Pudding Wraps at the annual Manchester Christmas Markets, Porky Pig has grown massively over the 21 years they’ve been in business, leading to the opening of their city centre restaurant which features Yorkshire Puddings heavily on its menu.

But we’re not just talking your typical roast dinner vibes. No, we’re talking seriously unique twists that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Credit: Porky Pig

Taking the traditional Yorkshire side dish and combining it with other beloved dishes, guests can discover Yorkshire puds in a way like never before, with both sweet and savoury creations available.

So, where do we start? Kicking off the day in true Northern style, Porky Pig serves a traditional fry up with a twist, with all the greasy spoon goodness piled up inside a giant Yorkshire pud. And honestly, we can’t think of a single reason why we shouldn’t completely re-haul the classic breakfast dish this way all the time.

Credit: Porky Pig

For lunch, the restaurant continues with the theme of using a Yorkshire Pudding base, topping it with a tomato sauce, tons of cheese and a variety of toppings. It’s like a Chicago deep-dish pizza, but with a proper Yorkshire twist. And if you’re wondering ‘does this really work?’, we can assure you, it really, really does.

And if you think the fun ends there, you’d be very wrong. Elsewhere on the menu, guests can enjoy huge sharing carvery boxes, Yorkshire Pudding wraps, classic burgers and sandwiches – with a number of delicious desserts to try, too.

Credit: Porky Pig

Luckily for us, the Yorkie Puds don’t go anywhere for the sweet section, with giant Puds filled with melted chocolate, ice cream, mini eggs, Oreos and more, and even an afternoon tea selection filled with jam and cream.

The restaurant can be found at 7 Cooper Street in Manchester, and is an annual fixture at the Christmas Markets if you ever find yourself betraying the white rose.

[Featured image: Porky Pig]

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