You Can Take On Britain’s Biggest Pizza Challenge At This Yorkshire Restaurant

You Can Take On Britain’s Biggest Pizza Challenge At This Yorkshire Restaurant

Baked is found in Todmorden, which straddles the Lancashire and Yorkshire border. The bakery is home to the biggest pizza in Britain, which is a whopping 40-inches! We’d need a whole lot of garlic mayo for those crusts (just saying).

Home to Britain’s largest pizza is an artisan bakery, Baked which is based in Todmorden and uses locally-sourced flour from Shipton Mill flour for its bakes.

Credit: Baked

Beard Meats Food is known for tackling some tough challenges from ginormous breakfasts to giant Yorkshire puddings he’s tackled them all. And, now he’s in West Yorkshire to take on Britain’s biggest pizza – and he’s brought a friend.

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Helping BMF tackle this huge pizza is another professional food eater Randy Santel, who has a massive 1.7 million followers on Facebook and has featured on pages such as LADbible and UNILAD showcasing his incredible food eating capabilities – so BMF is in safe hands it would seem.

Baked Todmorden
Credit: Baked

Posting to Facebook Randy, Beard Meats Food’s teammate for the challenge wrote: “Today was a BIG and very special day for me!! I got to team up with the man, the myth, the bearded legend, Beard Meats Food!! He picked Katina Eats Kilos and I up from our hotel in his beautiful Tesla/spaceship, so we could head down to Baked in Todmorden, England and try their undefeated 40” in 20 Team Pizza Challenge!!

“We had 20 minutes to feast on England’s biggest pizza challenge, which was an absolutely delicious Margherita pizza.”

As Randy mentioned in his post, the guys had 20 minutes to take on the 40-inches challenge, which is an inch a minute for each man (I know great Maths skills).

Watch Beard Meats Food and Randy Santel take on 40 inch pizza in 20 minutes below:

For more information give them a follow on their Facebook page here.

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