This Yorkshire City Has Been Named In The Top 10 Places To Work In The UK

This Yorkshire City Has Been Named In The Top 10 Places To Work In The UK

A Yorkshire city has been featured in the best cities To work in UK. Job satisfaction is vital for life. If you’re going to spend most of your life in that environment then your career choice is key to life’s happiness – and don’t we know it here at The Yorkshireman!

In the current climate, many sectors are striking as they’re dissatisfied with the current state of their working world. Glassdoor, a job review site, has analysed over 100,000 reviews to find out where workers are happiest and one of Yorkshire’s cities has featured in the top 10.

The best place to work was named Cambridge, but coming in at number six was the West Yorkshire city of Leeds, beating out Manchester and other popular UK cities.

Best Cities To Work UK

The average level of satisfaction in work was 3.79 and Leeds was above the average with a score of 3.84 and takes into account a range of factors including salary prospects, the beauty of the city or the type of businesses that operate from there.

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Commenting on the research, Lauren Thomas, an economist at Glassdoor, said: ‘London is often romanticised as the city to reach the peak of your career and earning capacity, but Glassdoor’s latest analysis shows that you can find a job with a great salary and work-life balance outside of the M25. Smaller cities are winning the hearts of workers.’ 

Check out the list of ten British cities with the highest worker satisfaction, according to Glassdoor below:

  1. Cambridge – 3.91
  2. Brighton – 3.88
  3. Bristol – 3.87
  4. Newcastle – 3.87
  5. London – 3.85
  6. Leeds – 3.84
  7. Nottingham – 3.81
  8. Manchester – 3.8
  9. Oxford – 3.8
  10. Cardiff – 3.77

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