11 Ways To Spot A Yorkshireman In The Wild

11 Ways To Spot A Yorkshireman In The Wild

“You can always tell a Yorkshireman. You can’t tell him much, mind.” Out and about it may seem difficult to spot a Yorkshireman, but it you look at the signs you’ll be seeing are kind of out and about. Usually, in’t pub or walking are whippets, us Yorkshireman are honest folk that don’t mince our words.

We asked our wonderful audience signs for spotting a Yorkshireman and you can check out the list of ways to spot a Yorkshireman below. Say it with us “Yorkshireman born and bred, strong in arm, thick in’t ‘ed!”

How To Spot A Yorkshireman

1. Wait for them to tell you

A Yorkshireman is quick to tell you where he’s from. Whether that is because of the price of things or just because.

2. The clever sense of humour

You’ll know whether a Yorkshireman likes as he’ll start taking the mick out of you and using insults as a term of endearment.

3. Wearing shorts in December

What’s a thermostat? It takes a lot for a Yorkshireman to feel the cold, so you’ll easily spot one when the weather takes a turn.

4. Wonderful Yorkshire hospitality

It won’t take long for a Yorkshireman to offer you a brew, or make you feel welcome.

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5. Deep pockets, short arms

You may notice a race for the toilets when Yorkshiremen turn up at a pub. If cobwebs are coming out of the wallet that’s always a good sign.

“You won’t believe it, I paid £5 for a cup of tea in London”. It’ll be ” ‘OW MUCH?!”

6. The first two words that come out of his mouth – Ey Up!

“Now, then” or “ey up” right be exclaimed at first sight giving away the game straight away.

7. The one eating fruit cake with a slice of Wensleydale cheese

This time of year, it’s quite common to spot one with a big ol’ slice of Crimbo cake and cheese in his gob.

Someone who looks like they had it tough in their day.

8. He’s talking to a stranger

Some of the friendliest folk around, it doesn’t take much to get a Yorkshireman chatting. It’s getting them to surrup that’s the trick from what we’ve learnt.

9. Flat cap or whippet

Can’t not include the classic stereotype.

10. He has dinner not lunch and tea and not dinner

And there’s not argument about it either.

11. They look like they’ve had a hard day.

You’ll have never had a hard day as a Yorkshireman. Watch the four Yorkshiremen sketch to see what we are talking about.

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