13 Of The Best Yorkshire Chocolatiers That Are Perfect For Valentine’s

13 Of The Best Yorkshire Chocolatiers That Are Perfect For Valentine’s

We might be looking at a pretty average and unromantic Valentine’s Day this year, but nothing’s stopping us from getting creative and treating our loved ones (or ourselves) for when Cupid draws back his bow. From sugary works of art to the smooth and silky classics – Yorkshire chocolatiers are pulling out all the stops for V-Day this year, and we’ve rounded up just some of the best ones to make your hunt a little easier this year.

1. York Cocoa House, York

One of the finest chocolatiers in the city of chocolate, York Cocoa House specialises in hand made chocolates – produced directly opposite Rowntree’s very first site. Running for 11 years, expect truffles and caramels that are almost too good to eat, handcrafted bars, picturesque gift boxes and even unique, coloured bars flavoured with raspberry, mango and banana. Find them online here.

2. White Rabbit Chocolatiers, Beverley & Hull

Making Valentine’s Day extra special this year, not only are White Rabbit stocking their usual delectable treats, but this year they’ve created the incredible heart smash cake – made completely of chocolate. The ‘cake’ is filled with mini heart shaped chocolates, mallows and jelly treats – and even comes complete with a mini mallet for your loved one to smash it open with. Otherwise, the much-loved chocolatiers offer up divine, handcrafted boxes of chocolate, a variety of chocolate bars (including our fave, the Yorkshire Honeycomb) and more. Check out their website here.

3. Lauden Chocolate, Leeds

Showstopping chocolates made in Kirkstall, Leeds, Lauden Chocolate is the perfect place if you want to pick up something extra special – with every single chocolate rivalling a Picasso. The treats come in an array of flavours, too, including passion fruit, lychee and rose, banana caramel and even smoked paprika with hazelnut. In addition to their popular boxed chocolate collections, guests can enjoy caramels, spreads and vegan confectionary, too. Check them out here.

4. Chocolates & Truffles, Skipton

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Skipton’s Chocolate & Truffles serves handmade chocolates, experimenting with a variety of flavours that can only be described as sensational. Choose from gorgeous chocolates and truffles that are sure to melt the hearts of any recipient, try out their fudge, pick up a personalised ‘slab’ or explore their treasure cove of gifts – which includes dark chocolate chilli sticks, chocolate orange peels, and even chocolate frogs. Shop here.

5. And Chocolate, Haworth

We love Haworth for a number of reasons, …And Chocolate being one of them. The little chocolate shop has everything you could possibly dream of – making it the perfect place to pick up a gift (or just a cheeky treat for yourself). We’re talking alcohol infused chocolates, butter fudge, ”Picasso” chocolate, truffles, and beautiful pralines – with a vast array of flavours to choose from. We love the raspberry cups, but trust us when we say, there’s something for every chocolate lover. Find their website here.

6. Birdgate Chocolatiers, Pickering

Much-loved for their beautiful gift boxes, Birdgate Chocolatiers is an independent chocolate shop, stocking their own handmade creations. Beautifully crafted and as perfect as could possibly be, their delightful treats represent a box of chocolates exactly as they should be – carefully constructed with delicious looking decoration. Can you tell I’m drooling? Their online shop re-opens February 1, where you’ll be able to pick up their Yorkshire Pudding chocolate, artisan pieces, and heart-shaped sculptures filled with chocolates for Valentine’s day. Visit them here.

7. Cocoa Wonderland, Sheffield

Cocoa Wonderland can be found tucked away in Broomhall, Sheffield, where you’ll find a wonderfully decorated chocolate shop stocked with tasty handmade chocolates, bars and more. From traditional sweets, to hampers and traditionally decorated pieces of chocolate – we can’t guarantee you won’t leave without a cavity. Their online shop is expected to re-open soon here.

8. Crofts Chocolate, Scarborough

The seaside isn’t just for rock. In fact, Scarborough is home to some wonderful chocolatiers – Crofts Chocolate being one of them. The traditional shop, which lies just behind the seafront, specialises in handmade chocolates, with wonderfully presented boxes that are perfect for gifts. Choose from a wide array of figurines, build your own special box, or try out their delectable vegan collection. Shop here.

9. The Chocolate Factory, Thornton-le-Dale

A shop of chocolate boxes in a chocolate box village, The Chocolate Factory is the perfect stop off after exploring the picturesque Thorton-le-Dale, and is one of very few shops within the village. The chocolates are just as special as the location, with gift boxes, figurines, slabs loaded with extra toppings and so much more to try during your visit. Their online shop is returning in February.

10. Monk Bar Chocolatiers, York

Ideally located on the Shambles in York, Monk Bar Chocolatiers is the city’s longest-established artisan chocolatiers, that itself making them well worth the visit. But most of all, the quaint shop is the perfect place to pick up a gift for someone you love, thanks to their gorgeously packaged boxes and opportunity to actually curate your own box – a great personal touch. Flavours include sloe gin, rose cream, baileys, caramel and strawberry – to name a few. Check them out here.

11. Kacao Chocolaterie, Richmond

Found in the historic town of Richmond, Kacao Chocolaterie is packed full of luxury handmade chocolates, all of which are beautifully decorated. Think slabs absolutely covered in tasty toppings, beautiful boxes wrapped up in bows, and even gold dusted truffles. When they say luxury, they really do mean it. Shop online here.

12. Azra Chocolates, Harrogate

Ok, this is where things get a little bit special. Azra Chocolates are no ordinary chocolatiers. They’re actually the home of the chocolate shoe. We’re talking different styles, colours – there’s even a Louboutin-style red sole up for grabs. The shoes can be purchased singularly or in pairs, and there’s even an option to buy a shoe with a matching chocolate bag. It’s perfect for the wow factor, and we’re sure they’ll be a big hit this Valentine’s day. Check them out here.

13. Bullion, Sheffield

Made in Sheffield, Bullion is a favourite among South Yorkshire folk thanks to their rich, luxurious craft chocolate available in a ton a variations. From chocolate bars, to brownies and even a cocoa liquer – Bullion has everything. But right now, we really have our eyes on their build-your-own Easter Egg, made with Ecuadorean chocolate and packed full of a filling of your choice. Dream. Come. True. Shop here.

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