Big Baps Cafe Owner Say M62 Public Sex Hotspot Is Costing Her Business £100 A Week

Big Baps Cafe Owner Say M62 Public Sex Hotspot Is Costing Her Business £100 A Week

A West Yorkshire site near a popular transport cafe is blighted by people having outdoor sex. The area, known for getting a little bit frisky, is costing cafe owners £100 a week in takings.

The ‘public sex hotspot’ in a layby just off the M62 at Brighouse sees ‘two or three doggers’ every morning according to Sharon Wherret, and her business partner, who she runs Big Baps cafe with is calling for her local council to restrict parking to a maximum of two hours, according to Yorkshire Live.

Credit: Big Baps Cafe

Back in 2021, the owners of Big Baps cafe spoke out about the area being overrun by sexual activity nearby with so many people turning up there’s no room for lorry drivers to park in the layby, according to owners.

Amanda said that the Calderdale Council had discussed putting up parking signs, but nothing has happened as of yet.

Amanda has tried taking things into her own hands with homemade signs reading ‘please do not leave your car in this layby. You should only park here for a maximum of two hours. By parking here, it prevents key workers from parking for a well-deserved rest and a meal break’.

Credit: Big Baps Cafe

But, the signs didn’t go down well with everyone with Amanda saying: “One man came in and said ‘what’s this’.

“He said ‘I don’t give a s**t about the key workers – people should leave us alone. He was here to go down the back (to the public sex meeting place).”

Amanda says “Sex litter is still an issue,” with condoms and wrappers being discarded in the layby.

West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Council are yet to comment since previous words last year.

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