Bradford, Sheffield And Kirklees Could Be Put Back On Lockdown, According To Leaked Document

Bradford, Sheffield And Kirklees Could Be Put Back On Lockdown, According To Leaked Document

As bars and restaurants start to open again and the world attempts to figure out the new norm, a leaked government report has identified 20 UK areas that are deemed to be most at risk of a second coronavirus outbreak. Leicester was the first to be put into a local lockdown, and it seems that Bradford, Sheffield and Kirklees have been identified as needing ‘enhanced support.’

Other areas of Yorkshire such as – Barnsley, Rotherham, along with four other councils across the UK were noted as areas of ‘concern’. It’s hard to imagine parts of the country having to take a step back as we make our way back to the new norm, but in this case, we may have to step back in order to go forward again. Eek.

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The information leaked is based on testing between June 21 and July 4. The councils are ranked by percentage of people who tested positive and the data could be used to enforce localised lockdowns, like that of Leicester, councils fear.

Last week, local government health bosses were briefed by PHE that the government was considering publishing a list of the 10 councils most affected by coronavirus.

Published today, the classified document compiled by Public Health England was leaked to the Observer. Department of Health and Social Care said to the paper that it uses a range of factors to decide how to react with regards to coronavirus. “We have been transparent about our response to coronavirus and are always looking to improve the data we publish, including the way we update testing statistics.

“The list of the 10 local authorities with the highest weekly incidence of coronavirus is already publicly available in PHE’s weekly surveillance report. ‘All councils in England now have the ability to access testing data, right down to an individual and postcode level. If councils feel they require more assistance with data, of course, PHE is able to help them.”

In other news, it was also announced today that Rotherham residents would be required to take coronavirus tests as a result of the local infection rate staggering to a “worrying high” rate. The tests will be given to all residents, symptoms or not, in a bid to help control the virus.

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