The Unassuming Restaurant That’s Been Hailed As The ‘Best In York’

The Unassuming Restaurant That’s Been Hailed As The ‘Best In York’

We might be pretty spoiled for Michelin Stars in our region – with seven under our belt, to be precise – but it’s the cosy local establishments that steal our hearts the most.

See, the thing is, it’s not all about lavish decor and artistically presented plates that us Yorkshire folk are looking for. In fact, in the words of Shania Twain, that don’t impress me much at all.

It’s flavour, friendliness, and the kind of place that can incite a smile in the hardest faced of us (because let’s face it, Yorkshiremen in particular have quite the rep for this!). Which is exactly how family-run restaurant Buongiorno Bistro has managed to bag itself the unofficial title of ‘best restaurant in York’.

Credit: Buongiorno Bistro

Located in Woodthorpe just a short drive outside of the city centre, the cosy restaurant specialises in Sardinian cuisine – a cuisine that combines some of the most stunning flavours of Italy and the Mediterranean, hailing from the Italian island of Sardinia (where the owners also hail from).

Naturally, as a small island, guests can expect plenty of seafood on the menu, with tons of fresh mussels, clams and more bringing the flavours of the Med to Yorkshire.

Credit: Buongiorno Bistro

If that wasn’t all, there’s plenty of pasta and pizza dishes to tuck into, too, with some fans going as far as to call it the ‘best pizza in York’. That’s quite the claim!

But the real highlight from Buongiorno Bistro? The mouthwatering menu of specials – which has previously been graced with dishes such as wine prawns, Sardinian sausage meatballs, fresh sea bream and meaty pastas packed with pork and beef, and paired with homely ragu sauces.

Credit: Buongiorno Bistro

So, what makes them the ‘best in York’? Fresh food, friendly service, and its homely atmosphere are regularly cited as reasons customers enjoyed their meal, with some Tripadvisor reviews going as far as to say “We have eaten in Italy over the years, and my husband says this is the best pizza he has ever tasted outside of Italy” and “The best Italian food I’ve had in the UK”.

Sure, these are bold claims, but with 699 out of 737 reviews rated with five stars, they must be doing something right.

Fancy trying it for yourself? Find them at Buongiorno York, Acomb Wood Dr, Woodthorpe, York, YO24 3XN Tuesday-Saturday.

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