North Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shop Commended Its Tasty & ‘Sustainable’ Seafood

North Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shop Commended Its Tasty & ‘Sustainable’ Seafood

A North Yorkshire chippy has been commended for its efforts with regards to sustainability when sourcing its produce and for putting it at the heart of its business ethics.

Millers in Haxby, York is a fourth generation chippy, which has caught the attention of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for ‘going above and beyond’ when sourcing sustainable seafood.

Consumers are now able to make a conscious effort when finding their nearest fish & chip shop serving sustainable seafood from a new digital list launched by the MSC UK for Sustainable Seafood Week

Sustainable Seafood Week, which runs until September 24th raises awareness of the need to choose seafood products with the blue SC ecolabel on and this includes MSC certified fish and chips. 

Nick Miller, who runs the business with his father David says, “Being MSC certified sends out a really strong message that people want to hear. It says that, as a fish and chip shop, you are doing the right thing – not just by the environment we live in now, but for future generations.”

Loren Hiller, MSC Commercial Manager, UK & Ireland, said: “Fish and chip shops play a vital role in educating their customers about sustainable fish and chips and we’re excited to be able to launch this list today showing exactly where seafood lovers can find their nearest sustainable fish supper. 

“We’re asking everyone to join the national sustainable seafood movement. We can only make a difference if we all play a part.” 

Leeds-based YouTuber, Danny Malin visited the chippy, which is a favourite with locals earlier this year. He had only positive things to say commenting on the fish sating it was “bigger than his foot”. The hilarious Danny is on form in this video and had us chuckling after being “scared to death” when a girl pops up a window to take his order. You can watch the video by following the ink below.

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