Captain Morgan’s Has Released A New Orange And Vanilla Rum Just In Time For Summer

It might not be summer, but we will certainly drink like it is! The original spiced rum, Captain Morgan, has a new flavor that will have you dreaming of the beach and sitting by the pool. Say hello to Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist!

The summer items are making their way to the shelves and it is getting us excited. From hot tubs to all your favourite drinks, everyone is getting hyped for summer fun. Captain Morgan has hoisted his sails and done just the same with his new summer-edition which has been described as a ‘creamsicle-flavoured’ rum.

The Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist has 30% abv, is has started hitting the shelves and will make you feel like you are walking across a sandy beach with the sun cascading over your warm back whilst you look out over the crystal-clear waters. All this whilst sitting in your back garden watching the kids having a water balloon fight or staring at the BBQ as it lights up for the first of many summer BBQs.

They have recommended partnering the Orange and Vanilla Twist with ginger ale or coke. This flavour combination screams summer to us and has got us ready for a good booze up when summer comes.

Author: The Yorkshireman

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