‘Gentleman Jack’ Fans To Take Part In Flash Mob In Protest Of Show’s Cancellation

‘Gentleman Jack’ Fans To Take Part In Flash Mob In Protest Of Show’s Cancellation

It’s no secret that fans aren’t happy about Gentleman Jack‘s premature cancellation. And while weeks have passed since the initial announcement, it seems that fans aren’t willing to let it go.

In a fitting protest celebrating the show, fans from all over the world are set to take part in a global flashmob this August 6th, which will take place in Anne Lister’s hometown of Halifax at 1pm.

Arranged by superfan Helen Hawkins, the flashmob has been backed by the show’s stars, including Suranne Jones – who plays Anne Lister – and co-star Sophie Rundle – who plays Ann Walker – both of whom have sent messages of support for the fan-arranged flashmob.

Credit: BBC

Speaking of the idea, Hawkins – who is proudly part of the LGBTQ+ community – said: “This show has changed people’s lives, saved people’s lives and it has helped people find themselves as a person.

“To call it a TV show demeans it, it gives people a voice to people who don’t have a voice.

“The fact Anne Lister could be a Lesbian and so comfortable over 200 years ago and is now so visible has helped so many people find themselves.”

Hawkins – who is a dance teacher in North Yorkshire – has choreographed the dance for fans to learn, and has said that tons of Gentleman Jack lovers from all over the world are currently learning the dance for the big day. The showmakers have even granted special permission for the flashmob to use the music from the show as part of their protest, which hopes to raise awareness for fan’s appetite.

Credit: BBC

The flashmob is part of the ‘Save Gentleman Jack’ campaign, which currently has over 11,000 backers on an online petition to the BBC.

The change.org petition reads: “Gentleman Jack has actually changed lives; the BBC even commissioned and aired a documentary to this effect. It is a part of lesbian history, LGBTQ history, pride history. 

“With all that’s happening in the world right now, with our rights being taken away, this is a time we need a show like Gentleman Jack the most. Representation matters so much, it is so important to so many people.”

The flashmob will take place at Shibden Hall in Halifax on August 6th at 1pm, and fans are invited to learn the dance here and simply turn up on the day to either support or take part.

Gentleman Jack was cancelled by HBO last month after just two series, with the BBC said to be exploring options to keep the cult-favourite series alive.

The series followed Suranne Jones as the iconic Anne Lister, who famously wrote coded diaries about her many affairs with different women. The series picks up just before Anne Lister meets her life partner, Ann Walker, in her hometown of Halifax.

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