Captain Tom Moore Set To Receive Knighthood From The Queen This Week

Captain Tom Moore Set To Receive Knighthood From The Queen This Week

Captain Sir Tom Moore is set to receive a knighthood from the Queen in a personal ceremony this week, as a gesture of gratitude for not only serving the country during the war, but for his incredible work raising money for the NHS during lockdown.

Credit: Captain Tom Moore

The 100-year-old Yorkshire veteran will receive the incredible honour at Windsor Castle this Friday, after receiving a special nomination from Prime Minister Boris Johnson back in May.

The captain hit headlines back in April after announcing on Twitter that he’d be completing 100 laps of his garden with his zimmer frame, all ahead of his 100th birthday on April 30.

Not only did the Captain, now honorary Colonel, complete his laps, but he exceeded them after raising a whopping £20m – an unexpected achievement for our Keighley-born hero.

In total, Captain Tom Moore raised a legendary £32m, which has been donated to the NHS charities to help our frontline workers continue to care for our country.

Unfortunately, as a result of Coronavirus, the public is not permitted to attend the castle for the service and will not be able to see the ceremony – however, it will be undertaken as traditionally as possible, with the Queen using her father George VI’s sword while gifting Moore with the insignia of Knight Bachelor.

Since the end of his fundraiser, Captain Tom Moore has been presented with the honorary title of Colonel, received a Pride of Britain Award, been the subject of a V Day documentary and was even gifted a Military Flyover by the Queen for his birthday. And while all of his hard work is truly commendable, if Captain Sir Tom Moore did one thing this lockdown, it was touch the hearts of the nation with his sheer determination and goodwill.

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