Cafe Proposed Halfway Up Yorkshire Dales’ Second Highest Peak

Cafe Proposed Halfway Up Yorkshire Dales’ Second Highest Peak

Found outside of the village of Ingleton is Ingleborough, the second-highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales, and it’s soon to be serving up brews and cakes halfway up the summit.

Sitting at 723m in height, the Yorkshire Dales mountain is having plans considered by councillors to sell snacks next to the main path. The mountain is part of the popular Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks walk and comes as issues with people dropping litter on the walk continue to increase.

And, a Dales parish council has raised the issue that it could lead to littering issues. The possible kiosk is already on the mountain and the structure can be viewed from the public right of way.

Credit: Flickr/ Mark Horrell

The area is highly protected due to its National Park status, land which holds the status of special scientific interest (SSSI). So issues to do with damaging the surrounding area will need to be taken into consideration.

Adam Gough, who is proposing the shop has said his cafe would use cups, glasses and plates, so they’d be washed and reused. The Yorkshire Dales Park Authority will consider the proposal on the 17th May.

Gough has proposed solutions such as recyclable napkins and said that the only water would be drink cans which can be recycled.

The Ingleton Parish Council has said it does not believe that serving hot and cold food halfway up Ingleborough was “an appropriate place”.

A spokesman for the council said: “One of the main concerns is the litter that this would generate and how this would be managed. Councillors were aware of the recent litter problem at the top of Whernside and do not want a similar issue to develop on Ingleborough. One of the main attractions to this area is its rural and unspoilt appearance.”

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Feature Image Credit: Ingleborough, north face/Wikimedia Commons/Grzegorz Gniady/licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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