How Captain Tom Went From Humble Yorkshire Veteran To National Treasure

How Captain Tom Went From Humble Yorkshire Veteran To National Treasure

It’s been exactly one year since Sir Captian Tom Moore sadly passed away in hospital, and while his fame was short-lived, the Captain Tom Moore legacy will certainly live on. Particularly here in Yorkshire.

A humble war veteran hailing from Keighley, West Yorkshire, Tom Moore gained national treasure status almost two years ago – after his admirable efforts to raise funds for the NHS went viral during the first national lockdown.

Credit: Captain Sir Tom Moore

Walking 100 laps of his large garden with the help of his walker, the beloved then-99-year-old sparked something in the heart’s of Brits everywhere – and quickly garnered donations topping £33m before his 100th birthday. Quite the achievement considering his original target was just a respectful £1000.

Even his family thought the original target would be a stretch, but, before they all knew it, their father (and grandfather) had become an internet sensation. How could we not donate?

Captain Tom’s hold on the nation’s hearts didn’t end there. Continuing to be a national sensation with the help of his children, Captain Tom continued to inspire via his Twitter page, sharing messages of hope during lockdown (you may remember his motto “tomorrow will be a good day”) and even revealing the stories of his life serving for the British Army in India and Burma during WWII.

captain tom moore legacy
Credit: Captain Sir Tom Moore

A grateful recipient of the NHS’s services – receiving treatment for both skin cancer and a broken hip in his later years – Captain Tom had only kind words to share about the country’s NHS service, saying “Every penny that we get, they deserve every one of it”.

Captain Tom Moore sadly passed away on 2nd February, 2021, however, his legacy lives on still today, remaining a key, positive figure during the Coronavirus pandemic.

His kindness, determination, positivity and humble nature were something to be admired – his get-up-and-go to help others something that some half – even a quarter of – his age can’t quite muster up. And for that, we’ll be continuing to look up to one of the most influential Yorkshiremen of all time, and in honour of the Captain, we’ll be going to bed tonight remembering one thing: tomorrow will be a good day.

Captain Tom Moore is being honoured by his home county with an ancient memorial woodland in his name, located near his hometown of Keighley, West Yorkshire. His family run his charity the Captain Moore Foundation, in which they announced that work has also begun on a new biopic about his life, which Captain Tom himself had some input in before he passed away.

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