Caravan Holidays Could Be Allowed Again As Soon As July

Caravan Holidays Could Be Allowed Again As Soon As July

You’re probably at the stage of lockdown right now where you’re beginning to develop cabin fever, so it’ll come as very welcome news that we might be able to experience all-new surroundings pretty soon.

According to reports, caravan holidays could be the first to reopen for Brits, with Jon Boston – a spokesperson for the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) telling The Sun that the travel industry could be kickstarted again by July if government targets are met.

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Boston shared his enthusiasm following the latest advice from Boris Johnson, saying: “There is no definite date, but we hope for July. We are looking at parks opening in a phased way, so it won’t be a free-for-all.

“It is likely that parks will start opening by having back people who own caravans, with a second phase seeing rented caravans and lodges opening, followed by a third phase of touring caravans.”

The expert confirmed that caravans are “naturally social distancing”, given that most caravans see a distance of at least 5-6 metres between one another – however, he did continue to say that camping holidays are not likely to return until next year, saying: “If camping comes back at all this year, it will be much later as it requires communal areas.”

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Adding: “Some [caravan] parks close in late autumn, around October or November, and don’t reopen until spring. Some are going to ask if they can open longer this year, which is why the association is asking for the government to support them through the winter.

“I don’t think it will be like a normal summer, but parks are receiving enquiries – not the usual amount – and some are taking bookings. However, it is all dependent on when they can reopen. No matter how sunny this summer is, it is going to be pretty gloomy.”

While the potential kickstart of caravan holidays and staycations is exciting to say the least, holidays could be much different to what we’re used to post-lockdown, with other areas of hospitality, such as bars and leisure centres expected to operate with some limitations in place.

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