Clarkson’s Farm Set To Be Renewed For Another Series

Clarkson’s Farm Set To Be Renewed For Another Series

The news we are all waiting for! Amazon Prime is reportedly considering a new series of the popular farming show Clarkson’s Farm.

After Clarkson’s article about Meghan Markle, for which he later apologised, the series’ fate was up in the air, but is seems that Amazon are happy for a series four of the Cotswold-based show, according to the Metro.

Amazon and Jeremy Clarkson’s relationship seems to have improved and they are supposedly actively in discussions about a new series of Clarkson’s Farm. With a deal not yet finalised, things seem to be moving in the right directions, which fans will be happy about.

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Fans can look forward to Clarkson’s Farm series three airing in 2024 as filming is well underway for that already. And, if an agreement is made, the camera’s will continue to shoot the British classic, that has proved to be Prime Video’s top UK show.

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Fozia Khan, responsible for unscripted UK Originals at Amazon Studios, spoke in defence of Clarkson’s Farm at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Fozia Khan said that Clarkson’s Farm transcends Jeremy Clarkson alone, describing it as “an exceptional show.”

Dan Grabiner, speaking on a panel at the Edinburgh Television Festival, stated, “The matter is intricate, but we’re not halting the production of the ongoing season.

“We receive messages from farmers globally who adore the show, expressing that their reality has rarely been accurately portrayed on-screen before, which is truly remarkable. It surpasses Jeremy Clarkson by far.”

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