This 109-Mile Scenic Walk Takes In Beautiful Moorland And Coastal Views

This 109-Mile Scenic Walk Takes In Beautiful Moorland And Coastal Views

We are all looking to get out in the beautiful countryside at the minute, and this iconic National Trail that takes you along beautiful moors and then onto incredible coastal paths is one to add to the bucket list. The Cleveland Way is a 109-mile walking route that can be broken up into sections and tackled at different points. We highly recommend getting into a great walk like this that takes in Yorkshire’s History over the years as well as beautiful scenery.

1. Helmsley to Sutton Bank

Helmsley > Rievaulx Abbey > Cold Kirby > Sutton Bank

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The market town of Helmsley is a beautiful place to start any journey. Take in the historic Helmsley Castle as you begin your climb out of town as you head towards the Rievaulx Abbey following in the footsteps of Saint Aelred of Rievaulx. You’ll head through woods at Nettledale as you pass through the village of Cold Kirby before heading on to Sutton Bank, where the author James Herriot lived just a few miles away. Things to look out for are the Start Feature, a sculpture by artist Vivienne Mousdale and the enormous figure of the White Horse of Kilburn and stunning views from the top of Jinny York Bank.

This section is around 10 miles

2. Sutton Bank to Osmotherley 

Sutton Bank > Oakdale > Osmotherley

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You head over the popular Hambleton Hills in this section with highlights such as Gormire Lake and the beautiful limestone hills of the North York Moors National Park. As you head out from Sutton Bank, which offers perfect views over the Vale of Mowbray. Then you pass by Gormire Lake, which is one of three natural lakes in Yorkshire. You’ll then pass by the former reservoir at Oakdale then on to Osmotherley for a well-earned pint.

This section is around 11.5 miles

3. Osmotherley to Clay Bank 

Osmotherley > Carlton Bank > Hasty Bank > Clay Bank

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You can enjoy the dramatic landscape change over this area of the Cleveland Way. Head out of Osmotherley towards Scarth Wood Moor, through Live Moor Cringle Moor & Cold Moor to Hasty Bank. From there head over to Carlton Bank and then continue on to Hasty Bank. Highlights include the signs of the industrial past of the area with the jet and ironstone mining areas.

This section is around 11 miles

4. Clay Bank to Kildale 

Clay Bank > Urra Moor > Blowarth > Kildale

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This is the highest and most remote point of the North York Moors and a favourite with mountain bikers and horseriders. Head up towards the Urra Moor passed the highest point of 454 metres high. A carving of a hand highlights the marker between Stokesley and Kirbymoorside. Head past Blowarth Crossing then north, dropping down to the village of Kildale.

This section is around 9 miles

5. Kildale to Saltburn

Kildale > oseberry Topping > Guisborough Woods > Saltburn 

Cleveland Way
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This section of the walk has to two iconic features of the Cleveland Way, Great Ayton around Roseberry Topping, nicknamed Yorkshire’s Matterhorn, and the beautiful views over Guisborough. Head out North over Kildale across the Esk Valley rail line towards Easby Moor. You’ll continue on until you see the Roseberry Topping. You’re in Captain Cook territory, and head over to Great Ayton if you have time to see Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum. If not, carry on to Guisborough Woods on to the final part through Skelton onto Saltburn.

This section is around 15 miles

6. Saltburn to Sandsend

Saltburn > Skinningrove > Staithes > Runswick Bay > Sandsend

Cleveland Way
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Enjoy the change in scenery as you begin along the North Yorkshire coastline and Heritage Coast. After enjoying the beautiful pier, head out of Saltburn towards Skinningrove along the cliff tops. You will pass through the area where the biggest cliff on the Eastern coast, Boulby Cliff and Europe’s biggest mine can be found, Boulby Potash. You then drop down to the fishing village of Staithes. Enjoy a pint or a nights stay in the picturesque harbour before you travel on to Sandsend.

This section is around 17 miles

7. Sandsend to Robin Hood’s Bay

Sandsend > Whitby > Robin Hood’s Bay

Cleveland Way
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Highlights of this section are the incredible coastal views, as well as popular Yorkshire seaside resorts. Head out from Sandsend until you reach the iconic Whitby where you can enjoy some fish & chips and admire the Whitby Abbey that inspired Bram Stokers ‘Dracula. Head out along the clifftops and continue on to the amazing Robin Hood’s Bay where you can enjoy a nice pint and sea views.

This section is around 10 miles

8. Robin Hoods Bay to Scarborough

Robin Hood’s Bay > Ravenscar > Hayburn Wyke > Scarborough

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Head out towards Scarborough along the cliff tops until you reach Ravenscar where you can enjoy a roller coaster journey through Boggle Hole and Stoupe Beck. You then head out from Ravenscar through the wooded area of Hayburn Wyke and then head on to the seaside town of Scarborough to enjoy fish & chips, pubs and lovely beaches.

This section is around 12 miles

9. Scarborough to Filey

Scarborough > Cayton Bay > Filey 

Cleveland Way
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The final stretch of the Cleveland Way takes in amazing cliff views and coastal scenery on route to Filey. Head out of Scarborough and walk past the surfer’s secret spot Cayton Bay before taking in the final few miles of the walk. Enjoy Filey Brigg, a birdwatchers paradise before reaching the place where two iconic walks end, The Cleveland Way and the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds Way.

This section is around 10 miles

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