Cooplands Has Launched A Food Box Service To Help More People Get Food Deliveries

Cooplands Has Launched A Food Box Service To Help More People Get Food Deliveries

Adapting their business to the current climate, Cooplands has been making some essential changes to their service in recent weeks, officially launching an online store to help the people of Yorkshire receive food deliveries at this incredibly tough time.

Turning their attention to the community more so than ever before, the Yorkshire bakery has developed a food care package service with doorstep delivery, packing a number of hard-to-find essentials for those struggling to pick up everything they need from the shop. As thousands of Brits struggle to book in food deliveries due to increased demand, the service could be a lifeline for many, particularly the elderly and those directly affected by the virus.

Credit: Cooplands

The care packages cost just £35 (including delivery) and easily rivals the likes of M&S and Morrisons – who have also recently launched food boxes that are delivered via courier. Here’s what’s inside the Cooplands food box:

1x Loaf of white bread
6x Scotch rolls
2x Packs of Flapjack
5x Cheese straws
1x Pack of Hot Cross Buns
1x Chocolate loaf cake
4x Sausage rolls
2x Steak pies
4x Packs of Ginger Parkins
12x Sausages
1x Butter
1x 4 pint bottle of semi-skimmed milk
1x Block of mild cheddar
1x Block of mature cheddar
1x Pack of sliced ham
1x Pack of sliced turkey
6x Eggs
1x Pack of bacon
2x Tins of chopped tomatoes
2x Tins of beans
1kg of carrots
1kg of onions
1kg of potatoes
4x Oranges
4x Apples

While the service isn’t available across the entirety of Yorkshire, the food boxes can be ordered to a wide number of postcodes in both Hull and Scarborough. If you don’t live in one of these areas, however, the bakery has rolled out new essentials that can be purchased in store – including milk, cheese, eggs, ham and bacon, as well as their usual bakery products. And for those who want to make their trip outdoors a speedy one, Cooplands has now introduced a ‘call and collect’ service, where you can pop in at a certain time knowing your food is packed up ready to go.

Credit: Cooplands

Like that wasn’t keeping the region’s favourite bakery busy enough, their staff have been out in full force recently showing their appreciation for our local care workers – providing free food packages for those working on the frontline of the virus at NHS facilities, and those caring for the most vulnerable in care homes, which have been particularly affected by COVID-19 infections.

The bakery has made the decision to ramp up production, adding extra time to their production schedules to create surplus stock that is then donated to our local heroes.

Cooplands food box is available to purchase here, and you can find out more about the call and collect service on their website.

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