Sheffield Woman Pays £1,200 For A Crate Of Prime Energy Drink From Popular Wakey Wines

Sheffield Woman Pays £1,200 For A Crate Of Prime Energy Drink From Popular Wakey Wines

Prime, it seems, is still very much a highly sought-after energy drink. After selling out fast at Aldi when it was included in the Sepcialbuys section, it is still the most popular drink for kids.

Prime Energy is so popular that one mother paid £1,200 for crates of the Energy Drink made famous by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

ITV did a news story about the shop on their TikTok which you can watch below:


KSI says he ‘hates the reselling’ of Prime energy drinks at higher prices #ksi #prime #wakeywines #primedrink #uk #resale #capital

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You may call this a bit OTT, but these are the times we live in. The news of the purchase we released on TikTok before then shop Wakey Wines, which has become very popular for its hilarious videos has been banned from the social media platform.

The videos show the shopkeeper standing with the customers who tend to have travelled far to visit the shop. This particular video included a mother and her friend who state where they’d travelled from – Sheffield.

The shopkeeper then asks why they’ve travelled so far to which they reply “I’ve come for my cans of Prime”. To which the shopkeeper states: “You’ve got 12 packs and you’ll give me £1,200 for that.”

He then rounds off the video with their catchphrase asking the women “What’s the best shop in Wakey?” he asks.

“Wakey Wines!” the women shout.

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Wakey Wines has now been banned from TikTok as they advertise the cans of drink which are retailed at £2 a can or £24.99 a create fro £100.

KSI, the founder of Prime slammed the markup saying: “No do not pay that much for Prime, I know people want Prime OK, just wait or camp out Asda nice and early, get in Asda nice and early and pay £2, OK, £2 for prime.

“£2 is way better than £25 bro, why. Come on man this is outrageous. You should not be paying £25 for one bottle of Prime.”

Credit: Instagram/ realwakeywines

Wakey Wines owner announced the TiktTok ban on Instagram writing: “I have now been banned off TikTok at 500k I’ve been working so hard for this.

“All of my videos are all for fun, I saw a business idea with WFD sweets just like any other business man and I took the opportunity.

“Some jealous horrible people. Please report these posts and help me!

“Thank you to my fans always, Wakey Wines.”

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