Cooplands Has Switched To 100% Vegan Bread In Their Bakeries

Cooplands Has Switched To 100% Vegan Bread In Their Bakeries
The bakery will be removing all use of animal products from their breads.

It’s a bakery that sits close to any Yorkshireman’s heart, a place one can truly call home and be at one with the sausage rolls. A place that holds childhood memories for the many… And now, vegans can too.

Making the switch in light of ever-changing customer habits, the 130-year-old bakery will now remove animal fats, dairy, eggs and honey from the production of their breads.

The Yorkshire chain pledges to make all bread 100% vegan in each of their 160 stores, instead using a traditional recipe of just flour, water, salt and yeast – which will of course be locally sourced where able.

CEO Belinda Youngs has said of the change:

“At Cooplands we put our customers’ needs at the heart of our bakery operations.

“We know that many shoppers want to be really sure that the bread products that they are buying are 100 per cent vegan and that’s why we are delighted to be the first high street bakery to be able to offer this to all our customers every day.”

The move is sure to compete with nationwide bakery Gregg’s, who have been highly active in recognising the needs of vegan customers throughout 2019, and are due to launch a new vegan range soon following the success of their vegan sausage roll.

[Featured image: Cooplands Bakery]

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