Cooplands Plans To Open 30 Stores A Year With Over £7 Million Investment

Cooplands Plans To Open 30 Stores A Year With Over £7 Million Investment

Forget Greggs, Cooplands is the bakery of Yorkshire. Unlike Cadbury’s Freddo, their sausage rolls have not been hit with inflation over the years. You can still get four sausage rolls for a quid at any Cooplands store. Our dinnertimes as teens were always spent queueing for their sausage rolls, toffee doughnuts, cheese straws and yum-yums before heading back to school. It always amazed us how much you could get with your dinner money.

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The iconic store has had seven stores open since March 2020, and it looks like their continuing their grown as BGF has made further investments in the Scarborough-based company. BGF initial investment of £8.5 million three years ago helped Cooplands to grow to more than 165 stores, 12 cafes and 36 sandwich vans.

A BGF spokesman said: “BGF has supported Cooplands in building a strong leadership team to spearhead future growth. This news follows the appointment of Belinda Youngs as CEO in 2019.

“Belinda joined with more than two decades’ experience in the grocery retail sector in the UK and Canada with roles at Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.”

Belinda Youngs said: “We’re ambitious about continuing to grow our business and this investment allows us to build on the strong progress we’ve already made.

“This year we’ve continued to open stores, create jobs and develop new products. Just this month, we’ve opened a new shop in Lincoln which created eight new jobs for the city and launched a new cheese bake to meet consumer demand.”

Credit: Cooplands

Cooplands has made moves to keep up with the times, including making the bread produce vegan, and the introduction of vegan steak bakes, and vegan sausage roll.

The Yorkshire company has been getting in the festive spirit a whole host of festive goodies like their gingerbread muffins, lil’ truffle Christmas puddings, and hot chocolate cupcakes.

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